Hundezentrum Bächli, Hemberg (dog kennels)

Hundezentrum Bächli, Hemberg (dog kennels) – Arbonia reference customer

Dog kennels

9633 Bächli Hemberg (Switzerland)

“Opening up the Bächlihof dog kennels is a dream come true for me” – the Bächlihof in Hemberg, in an idyllic location surrounded by meadows and forests with lots of space and green areas, is a paradise for dogs. Arbonia radiant ceiling panels ensure that our four-legged friends are kept cosy and warm.

In Hemberg in the Hundezentrum Bächli radiant ceiling panels from Arbonia are being used
In the Hundezentrum Bächli, Hemberg, radiant ceiling panels from Arbonia are being used
Arbonia reference customer Hundezentrum Bächli
The Hundezentrum Bächli Hemberg uses radiant ceiling panels made by Arbonia
Radiant ceiling panels in the Hundezentrum Bächli – Arbonia reference customer
Radiant ceiling panels from Arbonia

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