History of Arbonia

Group photo Team Arbonia

Providing people with “warming solutions” in the truest sense – this was a specific motivation of the two originators of the Arbonia brand. Reliability, quality consciousness, precision, efficiency, safety, security, and the power of innovation. These virtues became the guarantors of an exceptional success. To meet them optimally time after time is the basis of our virtues.

History of Arbonia Riesa GmbH

former company headquarters Arbonia Riesa

In 1991 the company site in Riesa was founded and the production of column radiators and convectors began. A modern factory was set up on 160000 m² of land in the location of the former steel works in this town on the river Elbe in Saxony, where over 500 workers were employed at peak times.

In 1992 the production of heating panels was added.

In 1994 the automatic bathroom radiator production was put into operation.

In 2010 production was moved to the plant in the Czech town of Stribro.

In 2021 the company celebrated its 30th anniversary and relocated to the new site in neighbouring Glaubitz. Today, sales, customer service, and marketing are based here.