Air curtains

Controlled shielding from cold air

Air curtains from Arbonia in a modern business environment

In industrial buildings with transportation and loading operations, as well as in commercial buildings with customers, such as banks, hotels, offices, business premises, shopping centres, trade show halls and supermarkets, you cannot prevent doors or gates from being frequently opened and closed or even left open.

Due to this fact, there is a large exchange of air with high losses of warm air in winter and cooled air in spring and summer. At the same time, the room air is contaminated with dust and air pollution. These effects can be prevented by using air curtains.

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  • High energy savings compared to unprotected entrances
  • Comfortable sales atmosphere without air draughts
  • Good room climate thanks to partitioning off unpleasant odours and reducing dust
  • Low investment costs combined with high output
  • Easy installation thanks to connections from top for electrical equipment and water
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to easy removal of large revision panel


Air curtains ensure a good indoor climate in shops
Air curtains from Arbonia in a modern business environment
Air curtains in shops for the best conditions
Arbonia air curtains in a business environment
Modern Arbonia air curtains


Air curtain DCA

  • small entrances to offices and businesses

Air curtain DCB

  • Shops and shopping centres

Air curtain DCC

  • Commercial business entrances or gates

Commercial solutions model DCA

For systems at small entrances to offices and shops. Comes with built-in controller specifically designed for each type of use.

  • Height: 240 mm
  • Depth: 255 mm
  • Lengths: 1144 and 1644 mm
  • Wall mount included
  • Recommended installation height: 2.20 to 2.50 m

Commercial solutions model DCB

Designed for shops and shopping centres. Comes with built-in controller specifically designed for the respective type of business.

  • Height: 280 mm
  • Depth: 480 mm
  • Lengths: 1125, 1625 and 2160 mm
  • Recommended installation height: up to 3.50 m

Industrial solutions model DCC

Designed for commercial business entrances or gates. Comes with built-in controller specifically designed for the respective type of business.

  • Height: 410 mm
  • Depth: 650 mm
  • Lengths: 1150, 1650 and 2285 mm
  • Recommended installation height: up to 4.50 m




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Article master data

Arbonia is a partner of the international HVAC platform This is operated by industry association ARGE – Building digital competence. You will find a whole host of product information from numerous brand manufacturers at . For Arbonia products, apart from an online shop, you will also find countless documents, images, videos, and item data in a variety of formats. 

The product data is available to download in the following formats: 

  • CSV and Excel
  • BMEcat 1.2 (XML)
  • ARGE XML (DQR 9.0)
  • Datanorm 4.0

Tender specification texts


Product performance specifications.

A selection of the latest tender specification texts for Arbonia radiators, trench convectors and ceiling systems is available to export in a total of nine data formats (Word, Excel, RTF, PDF, TXT, GAEB XML, GAEB 90, DATANORM 5, ÖNORM) in the storage-management programme of your choice.


  • Column radiators
  • Home radiator
  • Bathroom radiators
  • Heating panels
  • Convectors
  • Trench convectors
  • Ceiling systems

Tender specification texts HT according to Austrian standard ÖNorm B2063

Here you will find Arbonia tender specification texts according to Austrian standard ÖNorm 2063 – service group 46 radiators – for standardised performance specifications in Austria:

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For 2D/3D CAD planning, the VDI 3805 web navigator online in your web browser can be used to generate the required CAD file for Arbonia radiators. The CAD data can be downloaded to CAD programmes such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Nemitschek, etc. in the following formats: DXF, DWG, IFC, STEP, and RFA. There are also attributes available for the geometries, allowing the data to be used for the BIM process.

You will find more information on BIM in Switzerland under DataExpert BIM.

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