Corporate policy

Consultation at Arbonia

Providing people with “warming solutions” in the truest sense – this was a specific motivation of the two originators of the Arbonia brand. Reliability, quality consciousness, precision, efficiency, safety, security, and the power of innovation. These virtues became the guarantors of an exceptional success. To meet them optimally time after time is the basis of our virtues.

Den Menschen im wahrsten Sinne "erwärmende Lösungen" zu bieten - das war für die beiden Urväter der Marke Arbonia ein besonderer Antrieb. Zuverlässigkeit, Qualitätsbewusstsein, Präzision, Effizienz, Sicherheit und Innovationskraft. Diese Tugenden wurden zu Garanten eines einzigartigen Erfolgs. Sie immer wieder optimal zu erfüllen, ist unser Fundament.

Quality and the environment

The principle of sustainability is key

The ARBONIA climate division of Arbonia AG carries out its activities based on the principle of sustainability. With its commitment to quality, ecology and safety the division is aware of its responsibility toward the various interested parties and optimises the premises for customer satisfaction and long-term economic success.

The development goals are resource-efficient products in manufacturing and in subsequent operation. We are focused fully on the needs and requirements of our customers, with a high degree of innovation and a reliable standard of quality.

Environmental protection mountain stream
Tree planting campaign Arbonia employees

All our staff together are responsible for our products and processes.

With this in mind, we challenge them with important tasks and consciously promote an awareness of our methods, products and services in terms of their safety, as well as environmental and quality aspects. To make sure our employees act according to these principles, we primarily use the approach of information, instruction, and training suitable for all employee levels.

Through goal-oriented personal and technical development, we promote team spirit, commitment, and loyalty, as well as excellent market, process, and product expertise throughout the hierarchy.


Our products, production processes, and operations are designed in such a way that the health and safety of employees, customers, and users, as well as the environment, are not compromised. We consider legal requirements to be minimum requirements. Together with government agencies and emergency organisations we develop concepts, emergency action plans, and other measures for the protection of employees, the public, and the environment.

We commit ourselves to this by establishing applicable goals and measures to continually improve our performance and the effectiveness of our management system. We regularly evaluate the degree to which goals are achieved and the remaining risks using indicators in the areas of quality, health, safety and environmental protection. Based on the idea of integrated resource management we record and analyse our material flows continually.

Using this information, we continually initiate measures to increase material efficiency and the recycling rate in addition to reducing waste and energy consumption. Waste disposal is managed with a waste management concept.

We challenge our contractual partners along the entire supply and disposal chain to apply our standards in the areas of quality, health, safety, and environmental protection and support them in doing so.

The fact that the environment and recycling are extremely important to us is proven by the following certificates.


Technical discussion

Sustainable products – all the information at a glance

To facilitate access to further sustainability information, we are working together with the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

We provide steel panel radiators and their properties in the context of sustainable building for the DGNB Navigator. These can be accessed there by planners. This data transparency provides a comprehensive overview and helps with product selection.

You can find more information on the EPD programme from the IBU (Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V). 

Safety & security

They are important to us

The safety & security of our customers is extremely important to us here at Arbonia.

For this reason, Arbonia has revised the radiator fixing range in accordance with VDI 6036. VDI 6036 is a tool of product safety law (PrSG) and defines the minimum safety requirements for radiator fixings. With the new development/optimisation of Arbonia fixings, they meet these guidelines and can be at the cutting-edge of technology.

In addition to the high level of safety and security, the new fixing range offers additional advantages in terms of quick, easy installation, as well as time and cost-saving combination options.