Fixing technology

Highest requirements met.

High load bearing capacity, optimum stability, and maximum safety & security.

The fixing technology of our radiators is constructed using our expert knowledge based on decades of experience. All in accordance with the VDI 6036 guideline by the Association of German Engineers. This ensures our customers not only a perfect unity of radiator, fixing, and materials but also greater legal protection. This is because VDI 6036 helps with dimensioning and selecting suitable fixings for radiators in accordance with the stipulations of the Product Safety Law and is fulfilled by all our fixings. Right to the point.

Why is it so important to have your radiators fixed in place? Radiators are installed in all kinds of buildings and on a range of wall substances and floor conditions. They are then exposed to physical contact on a daily basis. At home, in a workplace, a train station, an airport, a foyer ... The method selected for fixing a radiator in place therefore depends on the level of stress and strain that is expected in the situation. Ultimately, the radiator has to be reliably secured to the wall or floor. so that it can cope with everything from people harmlessly leaning against the top of it to school children sitting on or climbing up it, to the high loads associated with masses of people leaving at the end of an event or even during a fire alarm.

VDI 6036 addresses exactly this subject. It provides companies and people involved in planning and designing heating systems with a guide to selecting and identifying the right radiator fixing methods – taking into account the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG). This ensures maximum reliability and safety for planners and specialist partners when calculating any possible additional loads on radiators. ... because everyone associated with a radiator installation could be held responsible in the event that material damage or personal injury occurs.

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VDI 6036 requirement classes

valid since November 2020

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Requirement class 2

Examples: rental flats, private homes, office buildings

Requirement class 3

Examples: schools, sports facilities, meeting places, barracks

Requirement class 4

Examples: public toilets, correctional facilities, psychiatric institutions, ...


Radiator fixing in line with the VDI 6036 requirements

Our range of fixings for radiators is geared towards high loading capacity, optimum stability, and maximum safety. Completely constructed in-house – with the know-how that comes from decades of experience in radiators. Equipped for the additional stresses of real life, providing more certainty for planners and specialist partners. Absolute conformity with the VDI 6036 standard. For maximum safety. Most of our radiators come with a fixing set that complies with requirement class 2 of the VDI 6036 guideline.

Please refer to the respective radiator price list for the appropriate fixing material for suitable fixing material for other requirement classes