Residential fan coil DXH

Heating and cooling with the heat pump radiator Condiline DXH

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Radiant ceiling profiles Cross

The revolutionary connection technology we have developed makes installation quick and easy.

Radiant ceiling profiles Cross in a modern home ambience
Arbonia residential fan coil DXH

Heat pump radiator fan coil DXH

Meets all air conditioning requirements in residential and work environments.



Airship hangar Mühlheim-Essen – Arbonia reference customer

Reference property

New airship hangar at Mülheim-Essen airfield

Heat distribution system Cross is simultaneously a design element and an efficient heat distributor

to reference customer

EPD label

EPD verification – Arbonia is the first radiator manufacturer to be awarded this label

Arbonia is the first radiator manufacturer to be awarded the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for all its steel radiators – such as column radiatorsheating panels and convectors . The EPD awarded by the IBU (Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V.) makes the environmental impact of the products transparent across the entire production and life cycle process chain .

More information on EPD verification 

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The German National Library, Leipzig – a reference customer for Arbonia products