Anti-corrosion coating

Radiators from Arbonia

Optimal protection that looks good

All Arbonia radiators are designed for use in hot water heating systems up to a maximum operating temperature of 110 °C as standard. However, some areas where radiators are used present special challenges for the radiator's surface.

Arbonia column radiators Sano for medical and sanitary areas

In the spray zone near urinals in public buildings and many commercial buildings, there are special requirements for the appearance of the coating in addition to protection against corrosion .

When radiators need increased protection against water spray and/or humidity due to their location, a coating that complies with DIN 55 900 is not enough.

The new Arbonia anti-corrosion coating offers a cost-effective alternative here, providing optimal protection against corrosion with high standards regarding appearance and feel. The special coating is applied directly to the radiator and is then finished with a high-quality powder coating.

Ideal in any location where radiators are exposed to increased moisture loads.

Better, point by point:

  • The highly resistant coating invisibly protects the radiator from corrosion
  • Paint finish available in any colour you may wish for, in proven Arbonia high quality
  • Available for practically the whole Arbonia range 


Anti-corrosion protection for urinals
For example in the spray zone around toilets and urinals
Anti-corrosion protection for sinks
For example in washrooms or changing rooms
Anti-corrosion protection for shower enclosures
For example, in wellness areas directly next to walk-in shower enclosures

The right protection for every requirement

Rooms with an aggressive and/or humid atmosphere – in commercial operations such as butcher shops, saunas, swimming pools, or areas with salt-laden air near the sea, for example – present extreme challenges for radiator coatings. So do rooms that are regularly wet-cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

Hot-dip galvanising provides the best possible anti-corrosion protection for these areas.