Ascotherm® eco electric

Natural convection with electric heating coil

Ascotherm trench convectors Arbonia – customised solution for Munich residential complex

Ascotherm eco electric trench convectors are designed for all-electric operation and are therefore completely independent of a heating system. They operate silently and ensure rapid heating.

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Ascotherm trench convectors from Arbonia

Special features

  • Independent of heating systems with pumped hot water
  • Silent operation – natural convection
  • Fast heating
  • Effective shielding against cold air in front of window areas


Ascotherm trench convectors from Arbonia in curved special form

Ascotherm eco electric KEN26

Natural convection with electric heating coil

Ascotherm trench convector

Operating principle
Cold air from the window surface and cooled-down room air collect in the tray. The air is heated by the electric heating coil, becomes lighter and rises. Installation in front of window areas provides effective shielding against cold air.

Electric operation
Trench convectors for all-electric operation

  • Electric heating coil consists of a stainless steel pipe with pleated ribs made of stainless steel
  • Heating insert made of technical ceramics
  • Impact-resistant connection casing made of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide

Range available

  • 1 depth: 260 mm
  • 1 height: 175 mm
  • 3 lengths: 1200, 1600, and 2000 mm
  • Standard: aluminium linear grille

Surface finishes

  • Standard colour of powder-coated tray: – Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016 matt)
  • Standard colour of linear grille: – Aluminium anodised in natural colour
  • Standard colour of edge strip: – Aluminium anodised in natural colour

Technical information

  • Connection to 230 V
  • Protection type: IP66




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Konfigurator KC-Model

Ascotherm trench convectors from Arbonia

Konfigurator KRN 41

Ascotherm Unterflurkonvektoren von Arbonia

Konfigurator KRN 92

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Arbonia is a partner of the international HVAC platform This is operated by industry association ARGE – Building digital competence. You will find a whole host of product information from numerous brand manufacturers at . For Arbonia products, apart from an online shop, you will also find countless documents, images, videos, and item data in a variety of formats. 

The product data is available to download in the following formats: 

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Tender specification texts


Product performance specifications.

A selection of the latest tender specification texts for Arbonia radiators, trench convectors and ceiling systems is available to export in a total of nine data formats (Word, Excel, RTF, PDF, TXT, GAEB XML, GAEB 90, DATANORM 5, ÖNORM) in the storage-management programme of your choice.


  • Column radiators
  • Home radiator
  • Bathroom radiators
  • Heating panels
  • Convectors
  • Trench convectors
  • Ceiling systems

Tender specification texts HT according to Austrian standard ÖNorm B2063

Here you will find Arbonia tender specification texts according to Austrian standard ÖNorm 2063 – service group 46 radiators – for standardised performance specifications in Austria:

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For 2D/3D CAD planning, the VDI 3805 web navigator online in your web browser can be used to generate the required CAD file for Arbonia radiators. The CAD data can be downloaded to CAD programmes such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Nemitschek, etc. in the following formats: DXF, DWG, IFC, STEP, and RFA. There are also attributes available for the geometries, allowing the data to be used for the BIM process.

You will find more information on BIM in Switzerland under DataExpert BIM.

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KNX circuit board

Integrate controls easily into the building management system.

Simple integration into BMS systems thanks to new KNX circuit board.

  • Data point list created according to KNX association specifications

  • Most simple and cost-effective system integration

  • Simple operation and alarm monitoring

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