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Ascotherm eco trench convectors: heating, cooling, and ventilating with maximum comfort

The new Arbonia Ascotherm eco KRN 41 for particularly noise-sensitive applications

In commercial properties such as hotels, offices or shops, trench convectors are an elegant and convenient option for temperature control; depending on the design and requirements, they can be used for heating, cooling or just for ventilation. For this reason, Arbonia is continuously expanding its range of highly efficient system solutions: The Ascotherm eco KRN 41, for example, was developed for particularly noise-sensitive applications. The electric version of the KEN 26 model is ideal if no supply and return pipes are to be installed.

Arbonia Ascotherm eco trench convectors are characterised by a particularly wide range of applications. Designed for heating, cooling and/or ventilation, depending on the model, they are ideal for maintaining an even and pleasant temperature in shops, offices or reception halls. Above all, because the convectors installed in the floor are also ideal for intercepting the unpleasant cold-air downdraught in front of large window areas and glass doors.

With the Ascotherm eco trench convector KRN 41, Arbonia has now introduced a version that is characterised both by its high heat output (from 125 to over 7000 watts, depending on the version) and its particularly quiet operation. Despite the compact design of the trench convectors, these performance levels are achieved by an aerodynamically optimised cross-flow fan with intelligently controlled EC motors among other things. At low speeds in particular, this technology ensures a very low, barely perceptible noise level.

The energy efficiency of the Ascotherm eco trench convectors KRN41 in turn results from an innovative automatic control of the airflow and water mass flow, which achieves a minimum spread between the flow and return temperatures. This demonstrably reduces energy consumption and therefore operating costs – a decisive competitive factor, especially in commercial properties.

Complete product range of proven trench convector technology

With their impressive ability to heat or cool a room quickly and efficiently room as well as free architectural room design, Arbonia Ascotherm trench convectors have successfully established themselves in the commercial and upmarket private sector.

Ascotherm KC291 and KC491 in heights 175 and 130 mm

With maximum flexibility and being really easy to install, the 2 and 4-pipe models are impressive right from the planning and installation stages. In operation, they demonstrate their strengths with a high heating output and exemplary cooling capacity in accordance with DIN EN 16430. Specially developed, powerful EC cross-flow fans with diameters of 80 mm and 65 mm are used for air distribution. Energy efficiency and comfort continue with the fans – low power consumption and extremely quiet operation leave nothing to be desired.

Optimum air distribution and flexible room adjustment

In both models, the cross-flow fans completely cover the heating and cooling coils. The result is noticeable efficiency benefits thanks to an optimised, loss-free room flow with low air speeds and low temperature stratification. The air discharge direction towards the window offers maximum thermal comfort, especially in cooling mode.

The widths of 330 mm (installation height 130 mm) and 350 mm (installation height 175 mm) and installation lengths of 750–3000 mm offer the greatest possible flexibility when adapting to the room geometry and the respective heat demand. The fans are adapted to the respective coil length and optimally protected against mechanical loads and dirt ingress by a protective and filter cover with an easy-to-replace filter insert. All Ascotherm eco trench convectors are supplied in ready-to-install, impact sound-absorbing floor trays for screed installation or for installation in raised floors. With the height-adjustable trays, on-site dimensional inaccuracies can be compensated for easily and quickly. Excellent soundproofing is guaranteed by the grates in the base tray, which are mounted on rubber elements. Linear grilles and various anodised colours are available as an option. Heating and cooling coils made of copper pipes and aluminium fins are also typical in Arbonia trench convectors. This guarantees excellent heat conduction properties. In addition to an installation cover to protect the convector during the construction phase, the scope of delivery also includes a roll-up grille made of natural-coloured anodised aluminium rods measuring 20 x 6 mm, which has a free cross-section of 70 % despite its sturdy design.

Electric operation – for use independently of pipe system

The Ascotherm eco KEN trench convector for all-electric operation impresses with its extremely short heat-up times and silent operation. With its operation via the 230 V mains supply, it also offers an ideal solution without a pipe connection.

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