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Innovative expansion of the Arbonia radiant ceiling product range defines a new performance class

Radiant ceiling profiles Cross are also impressive with their attractive, award-winning design that is easy to install

Radiant ceiling systems are a practical way of heating and cooling large production areas, open-plan offices or similar commercial units efficiently and comfortably. With its new profile system Cross, Arbonia, as a recognised specialist for high-quality temperature control solutions in this market segment, is now defining a completely new performance standard.

The Cross range's stylish aluminium profiles are not only particularly light and easy to install, but also extremely flexible to combine. This means that radiant ceiling surfaces can be perfectly matched to the respective rooms with maximum energy efficiency. In addition to their function as heat transmitters, they can even be used as distinctive design elements in optional colours. Cross is therefore just as ideal for distributing heat in the foyer of a hotel or office building as it is for high-quality meeting rooms or modern production halls.

Decisive installation benefits

In contrast to conventional radiant ceiling systems...


the Arbonia innovation Cross is based on an aluminium profile, which is kept in stock in four standard lengths (3, 4, 5 and 6 metres). These profiles are easy to install under the ceiling thanks to their low weight. The Y-shaped contour also provides a large, efficient transmission surface. The shape also supports the energy output: With the tip pointing downwards, the heating output is around 10 percent higher; with the tip pointing upwards, the cooling effect is higher.

The special feature of the completely newly developed radiant ceiling product range, however, lies in the fact that the profiles can be freely combined: Thanks to the coordinated accessories consisting of collectors and adapters made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the profiles can be connected behind or next to each other as a cascade in almost any combination. The water-side connection of the radiant ceiling system to the flow/return of the heat generator can be made using connectors with press connection or external thread.

The heat transfer surfaces can be perfectly matched to the heating or cooling requirements of the respective room thanks to the ability to combine the profiles. Precise positioning in the room is also possible. In other words, in length and width, exactly where the heating or cooling capacity is actually needed. This opens up completely new possibilities, for example – as in properties with large window areas – to compensate for temperature differences in the room in a differentiated manner and thus ensure greater thermal comfort without the risk of draughts.

However, thanks to the ability to easily combine stocked profiles, it is still possible to adapt the transfer surfaces to changing structural conditions at short notice, even on the construction site, if the revised furnishings of an office or the new hall layout of a production facility make this necessary.

Integrated architecture solutions possible

From the architect's point of view, the design possibilities offered by the Y-shaped aluminium profiles that can be individually painted are at least as convincing as the design and installation advantages of the new Arbonia Cross radiant ceiling range: A strip-like, suspended heating/cooling solution is therefore just as easily possible as a flat radiant ceiling panel with dimensions that correspond precisely with the furnishings. The system, which can be easily installed by any specialist partner, means that the heat transfer medium is no longer seen as a foreign body, but as an integral part of the interior design.

With the newly developed ceiling brackets, the Cross radiant ceiling profiles can be integrated into the room architecture in a particularly space-saving way. Installation close to the ceiling (type V) or close to the ceiling/wall (type 45°) is possible without any problems.

Available ex stock

The Arbonia Cross product range is now available from stock. The radiant ceiling profiles may be subjected to an operating temperature of up to 110 °C and a maximum operating pressure of 5 bar. In relation to the surface area, the heating output is twice as high as that of a conventional radiant ceiling panel, while the cooling output is around 50 percent higher. According to the manufacturer, the lower weight and simple installation reduce the installation time by around 60 percent, with corresponding cost benefits.

Modern hotel lobby with radiant ceiling profiles Cross from Arbonia
Cross radiant ceiling profiles 2-piece cascade
Cross radiant ceiling profiles in a production hall
Details Cross 3-piece cascade

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