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Arbonia Condiline residential fan coil DXH optimal for refurbishments with heat pumps

The future of heating technology is facing a fundamental change, away from fossil fuels and towards heat pumps in particular. With the new Arbonia Condiline fan coil DHX, the resource-saving environmental heat can be optimally utilised for heating existing properties – and also for cooling – even in renovation projects.

Heat pumps make a significant contribution to reducing dependence on fossil fuels. When renovating or refurbishing however, their use often fails due to the high flow temperatures required by the downstream heat distribution network. With their residential fan coil DXH, however, Arbonia has now developed a highly efficient alternative for the energy-efficient refurbishment of residential and office properties, for example: The heat distributors, which are only 125 mm thick, can be easily connected to the existing distribution network as a replacement – and then deliver a heating output of 0.5 to 4.4 kW (45/40/20 °C), depending on the size. In combination with a suitably equipped heat pump, the cooling capacity is between 0.35 and 3.9 kW (7/12/27 °C).

Thanks to their elegant, flat design, DHX fan coils also blend harmoniously into an upmarket living environment. The installation of fan coils is also eligible for a subsidy of up to 55 percent as part of an energy-efficient refurbishment.

Energy-saving and comfortable

The centrepiece of the Condiline residential fan coil DXH is an efficient heat exchanger coil, so that the high heating and cooling output can be generated over a comparatively small area. A tangential fan that runs quietly, with a sound power level that is only 30 to 55 dB(A) depending on size and operating mode, ensures even flow and heat distribution. This means that the Arbonia residential fan coils DXH can also easily be installed in noise-sensitive areas. In addition to that, the tangential fan in combination with the rapid control of the fan coil ensures instantaneous adjustment of the air volume flow rates to changing thermal conditions in the room – the basic prerequisite for an optimum indoor climate even under constantly changing conditions of use, as is typical for offices, for example.

The Condiline fan coils are operated very simply using a modern touch display on the top of the casing: The operating mode – heating, cooling or even just room ventilation –, the desired temperature, and the fan speed can be selected intuitively at the touch of a finger.


Residential fan coil DXH – ideal for use with heat pumps


Residential fan coil DXH – ideal for use with heat pumps
Residential fan coil DXH – radiator for heat pumps from Arbonia
Arbonia residential fan coil DXH – ideal radiator for use with heat pumps

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Arbonia Riesa GmbH based in Glaubitz, Saxony, is an established manufacturer of heating technology products for precise solutions in public and commercial buildings. A wide, almost seamless product range for every plan, every customer need and heat demand, with the most modern manufacturing and logistics ensuring the greatest possible flexibility in terms of colour and styling.


Arbonia Riesa GmbH is a company owned by Arbonia AG in Arbon, Switzerland.