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Arbonia column radiators for quick and cost-effective refurbishment

Replace and enlarge stylish heating surfaces

Cost-effective and efficient heat distribution depends largely on the type of heat generation, keyword: flow temperature. However, the aesthetic and functional requirements on site are at least as decisive, keyword: refurbishment of existing buildings. With a wide range of robust, high-performance column radiators, Arbonia (Glaubitz) offers solutions that cover both the volume business in multi-storey residential buildings and the individual design requirements of architects.

Panel heating is increasingly being installed in heat distribution systems so that heat pumps can work efficiently thanks to low flow temperatures. In existing properties or new buildings with other regenerative heat generators, such as pellet systems or solid fuel boilers, however, column radiators are still the more economical alternative: Robust and with the ideal ratio of radiant heat and convection, they ensure that the room heads up quickly and comfortably.

Special refurbishment and hygiene solutions

In total, the column radiator product range comprises four model series in five installation depths. A product range that is currently particularly important, as

in many existing properties, the heat distribution also needs to be optimised when the heating system is replaced: This is necessary if, for example, the flow temperatures can be lowered by 10 or 15 Kelvin to save energy when installing a hybrid heating system. However, the heating surfaces in the rooms must then be enlarged to cover the heating load. Column radiators such as the “Cambiotherm” versions are specifically designed for this purpose, quick replacement of old steel and cast iron radiators: Thanks to the open connections and the DIN hub distances, the old radiators can be replaced quickly without any time-consuming additional work.

The Arbonia “Sano” radiators have also been further developed in a similar way to meet demand. They are installed wherever high hygiene requirements are paramount, for example in hospitals or care homes. The 20 mm wider spacing between the columns makes the “Sano” column radiators easier to clean.

Customised Arbonia solutions for architects

Arbonia has gone one step further with its customised solutions. These column radiators are especially in demand in properties with high architectural standards. The range here extends from round and curved designs to versions specially designed as room dividers.

You will find a complete overview of the current Arbonia product range including technical details at

Arbonia column radiator in a classic meeting room

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Arbonia column radiators as a solution for old buildings and refurbishment
Sano column radiator is the ideal radiator solution in medical areas
Cambiotherm column radiator from Arbonia
Curved column radiator in a modern practice room

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