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Arbonia plants a meadow orchard

Arbonia Riesa GmbH employees plant fruit tress on the site at ZTS GmbH in Glaubitz.

Arbonia Riesa GmbH employees plant fruit tress on the site at ZTS GmbH in Glaubitz. This is where Arbonia Riesa GmbH has its new company headquarters since Juli 2021.

The idea was born last summer... “Climate change, insect mortality, environmental protection – these terms are on everyone's lips – but talking alone won't make things better. It's high time that everyone does what they can to make our world a little more beautiful.” – all of the employees at Arbonia Riesa GmbH were unanimous on this and thought about what contribution they wanted to make together to defy climate change.

The idea was to create a small meadow orchard, as fruit trees are known to be true marvels of nature. They provide a valuable habitat for numerous insects and birds, look particularly beautiful when in bloom, provide a shady spot for a lunch break and you can also harvest delicious fruit.

The idea of planting a meadow orchard was born and found further supporters... 

ZTS (technology development centre) in Glaubitz made a meadow available where the 10 planned fruit trees could be planted. To finance this project, the 50 or so employees gave up their Christmas presents last year and were happy to donate the money to the realisation of their “meadow orchard”. It goes without saying that everyone lent a hand.

Skilfully selected and put together – with the help of expert advice from the Müller tree nursery in Oschatz – there will even be healthy snacks for the lunch break in future.

 “Even though the harvest may not materialise this year, we are optimistic about the future”, says Managing Director Hubert Hein, “and with 4 different apple trees, 2 pear trees, 2 cherry trees and 2 plum trees, there is something for everyone – but first and foremost we are concerned with the ecological benefits.”

The employees will take on future care of the orchard, such as watering and pruning, with the kind support of ZTS and the “Elbe-Röder-Dreieck”.

The works council catered for the physical well-being with grilled sausages: “The joint planting campaign is also a perfect team event: Many colleagues were happy to help with the preparations and the planting of the trees went wonderfully hand in hand, each according to their abilities. It simply feels good to invest in our environment and our future together.”

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Arbonia Riesa GmbH based in Glaubitz, Saxony, is an established manufacturer of heating technology products for precise solutions in public and commercial buildings. A wide, almost seamless product range for every plan, every customer need and heat demand, with the most modern manufacturing and logistics ensuring the greatest possible flexibility in terms of colour and styling.


Arbonia Riesa GmbH is a company owned by Arbonia AG in Arbon, Switzerland.