Visu'l AG

Visu'l AG Bern – Arbonia reference customer

Visu'l AG

Wasserwerkgasse 27, 3000 Bern 13 (Switzerland)

“Visu'l creates identity – as an agency for identity and communication, we advise and accompany you in the development and design of your corporate identity. In this way we create your communication measures, strategically manage your brand, or create room and industrial designs. We are trained designers, architects, 3D designers, communication consultants, psychologists, Germanists, and printers.

Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to advise you creatively and strategically on all stages of your identity process. If required, our well-developed network will support us in finding the best solution for your communication needs – regardless of their complexity and size.” 25x 5 metre DESA1 radiant ceiling profiles are used.

Visu'l AG from Bern uses radiant ceiling profiles made by Arbonia
Radiant ceiling profiles made by Arbonia – solutions for Visu'l AG Bern
Radiant ceiling profiles from Arbonia at Visu'l AG in Bern
Radiant ceiling profiles at Visu'l AG Bern – Arbonia reference customer
The German National Library, Leipzig – a reference customer for Arbonia products