Lüchinger Metallbau AG

Lüchinger Metallbau AG, Oberriet – Arbonia reference customer

Lüchinger Metallbau AG

Krummenseestrasse 1, 9451 Oberriet (Switzerland)

In order to realise the project, the low-rise building between two buildings, known as the “Schopf”, has to make way. “The new-build has two storeys and is 18 x 21 metres big”, says the Managing Director. Planning the expansion started two years ago already. In addition to the larger production and office areas and meeting rooms, it will also be more comfortable for the employees. In future, they will have larger sanitary facilities and changing rooms at their disposal. Because the well-being of the employees is important to the management, “motivated specialists are our assets”, says Brigitte Lüchinger. 67 metres of Ascotherm trench convectors of type KRP91 are used.

Lüchinger Metallbau AG from Oberriet uses trench convectors from Arbonia
Ascotherm trench convectors at Lüchinger Metallbau AG Oberriet
Lüchinger Metallbau AG from Oberriet relies on Ascotherm trench convectors
Ascotherm trench convectors at Lüchinger Metallbau Oberriet
At Lüchinger Metallbau AG Arbonia Ascotherm trench convectors are in use

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