Edeka Brehm Coburg

Edeka Coburg – Arbonia reference customer

Edeka Brehm

Milchhofstrasse 1, 96450 Coburg

The city of Coburg has a new Edeka market, which impresses with its modern architecture. The new building was erected on the Milchhof site near Kanonenweg. The building is made accessible by a glass façade that rises over two floors and is structured by a copper-coloured “frame”. Inside the modern supermarket you will find a feel-good atmosphere with LED panels that pleasantly illuminate the sales area. Fan coils of the Arbonia brand that hang under the ceiling always ensure the right climate. The market has a bakery, as well as a café on the upper floor, from where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Fan Coils from Arbonia ensure that the temperature is right in the Edeka Markt Coburg
Fan Coils from Arbonia in the Edeka Markt Coburg
In Edeka Coburg, Arbonia fan coils make sure that the climate is right
Arbonia Fan Coils in the Markt Edeka in Coburg
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