Arbonia Farbkonzept

Our colours Infinitely diverse.

Whether gentle turquoise, bright yellow or modern grey: With your new Arbonia product you can set colourful tones. In the colour that you want: our wide range of colours leaves no wishes unfulfilled. This has always been one of our greatest strengths. Take a look at our world of colours for yourself in the extract from our colour chart below:

Standard colour

Arbonia Farbkonzept RAL 9016

RAL 9016



Arbonia Farbkonzept RAL CLASSIC

Edition Metallic


Arbonia Farbwelten Onyx


Arbonia Farbkonzept Slate


Arbonia Farbkonzept Lava

Anthracite Grey

Arbonia Farbkonzept Anthracite Grey

Graphit Metallic

Arbonia Farbkonzept Graphit Metallic

Aluminium Grey

Arbonia Farbkonzept Aluminium Grey

Classic Grey

Arbonia Farbkonzept Classic Grey

Aluminium January

Arbonia Farbkonzept Aluminium January

Glanzsilber Metallic

Arbonia Farbkonzept Glanzsilber Metallic

Ice Blue

Arbonia Farbkonzept Ice Blue

Mid Blue

Arbonia Farbkonzept Mid Blue


Arbonia Farbkonzept Ripol

Edition Terra

Dark Brown

Arbonia Farbkonzept Dark Brown

Classic Kupfer

Arbonia Farbkonzept Classic Kupfer

Noble Gold

Arbonia Farbkonzept Noble Gold

Orange Brown

Arbonia Farbkonzept Orange Brown

Noble Pink

Arbonia Farbkonzept Noble Pink

Quarts Brown

Arbonia Farbkonzept Quarts Brown

Sahara Brown

Arbonia Farbkonzept Sahara Brown

Grey Gold

Arbonia Farbkonzept Grey Gold

Edition Pastell


Arbonia Farbkonzept Tranquil


Arbonia Farbkonzept Ägäis


Arbonia Farbkonzept Ivory


Arbonia Farbkonzept Pergamon


Arbonia Farbkonzept Breeze


Arbonia Farbkonzept Edelweiss


Arbonia Farbkonzept Snow

Edition Nature


Arbonia Farbkonzept Teak


Arbonia Farbkonzept Maple


Arbonia Farbkonzept Sunny


Arbonia Farbkonzept Solaris


Arbonia Farbkonzept Reed


Arbonia Farbkonzept Forest

Due to the constraints of screen technology, it is not possible to reproduce the original colours. Your qualified heating professional will gladly show you the original samples and inform you which colours are possible for which radiator versions.

The new anti-corrosion coating Provides the best protection and looks good.

In the spray zone near urinals in public buildings and many commercial buildings, there are special requirements for the appearance of the coating in addition to protection against corrosion .

When radiators need increased protection against water spray and/or humidity due to their location, a coating that complies with DIN 55 900 is not enough. The new Arbonia anti-corrosion coating offers an economical alternative for optimum protection against corrosion where appearance matters. The special layer is applied directly to the radiator and is sealed with a high-quality powder coating.

Arbonia anti-corrosion coating: superior in every way:

  • Particularly resistant coating provides your radiator with invisible protection against corrosion
  • Paint finish available in any colour you may wish for, in proven Arbonia high quality
  • Available for practically the whole Arbonia range 

The new anti-corrosion coating by Arbonia: Ideal wherever radiators are exposed to high levels of moisture: for example, near to toilets and urinals or in washrooms and changing rooms in companies or public facilities.

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