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Arbonia exemplifies to-the-point solutions in the heating, cooling and ventilation sector. We provide high-quality components that custom-blend into existing systems. In doing so, Arbonia guarantees the satisfaction of the highest customer expectations thanks to its ongoing pursuit for perfection. The bases for this are their Swiss roots, the virtues and the symbiosis of the two home markets Switzerland and Germany that stand for a high degree of quality consciousness, power to innovate, discipline, organisation and reliability.

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Right to the point.

Get the information you need.

Simple and uncomplicated.

Right to the point.

Get the information you need.

Simple and uncomplicated.

Right to the point.

Get the information you need.

Simple and uncomplicated.

Right to the point.

Get the information you need.

Simple and uncomplicated.

Right to the point.

Get the information you need.

Simple and uncomplicated.

Right to the point.

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Asistente Exportación

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IT solutions Arbonia connects.

Technical Data Sets Radiators

Under Technical Data Sets - Radiators you will find all data for heating design such as the VDI 3805 radiator data set:

VDI 3805/6 radiator data set

Technical Data Sets Valves

Under Technical Data Sets - Heating Valves, you will find all of the data necessary for valve design such as the VDI 3805 Data Set - Heating Valves:

VDI 3805 valve data set 2008

VDI 3805 valve data set 2017

CAD Planning

For 2D/3D CAD planning, the required CAD file (DXF, DWG file) for Arbonia radiators can be generated via the VDI 3805 Web Navigator Online in the web browser:

Start VDI 3805 web navigator

Warning: If the CAD display does not work, the CADViewer plug-in must be installed manually.

CADViewer Plug-in

Set-up for the Internet browser plug-in installation. After downloading the archive file, decompress the files onto the hard drive and run the EXE file.


For users who do not have an IT programme with a Datanorm interface, we place the tender information texts as GAEB 1990 (D81 specifications for tenders) at their disposal:

Radiator GAEB 1990 D81

Warning regarding data contents: From the radiator range, one representative will be indicated per series/model.

CE declaration of performance Health, safety and environmental protection.

The new Construction Products Regulation (BauPVO 305/2011)

As of July 1st 2013, the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) will completely replace the Construction Products Directive (CPD) that has been in force since 1989. As a European regulation, the new Construction Products Regulation is immediately applicable in all Member States. Transposition into national law is not required. The CPR regulates the conditions concerning the marketing and provision of harmonised construction products and establishes requirements regarding declaration of performance and CE marking.

Construction products that have been placed on the market since July 1st 2013 must comply with the regulation. The term "marketing" is to be understood as the introduction to the European market of a construction product by the manufacturer, his authorised representative or the importer.

The CPR is especially distinguished from the former CPD by the Declaration of Performance, the CE marking and the assessment and verification of its constancy of performance.The CE marking shall be affixed based on a Declaration of Performance, which describes the performance of the construction product regarding its key characteristics. Which characteristics of a construction product are significant, results from the harmonised technical specifications and can be traced back to the legal requirements which are defined by the Member States and fulfil the basic requirements for construction. Therefore, the compressive strength of radiators, for example, can be a key feature that fulfills the basic requirements and thus protects an object and its users. Characteristics of a construction product that are not based on a legal requirement (e.g. colour) are also not an integral part of the Declaration of Performance and the CE marking.

The CPR changes the meaning of the CE marking. In the future, the manufacturer can use it to document his responsibility for the construction product's conformity with the performance specified in the Declaration of Performance and compliance with all relevant European legislation. All construction products for which the manufacturer has drawn up a Declaration of Performance must be CE marked. Where possible, the CE marking must be attached on the construction product itself, a product label or the packaging.


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