Arbonia References: Woodworking factory, Rottweil (Inside)

Radiant ceiling profiles Extremely light and comfortable.

Porsche Centre Böblingen

Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee 48, 71034 Böblingen

The Porsche Centre in Böblingen was opened in October 2016. It is part of the car dealership Hahn Group. It is - with its 17 branches - one of the greatest car dealerships in Germany.

Arbonia References: Trendfactory, Rottweil (Outside)
Arbonia References: Trendfactory, Rottweil (Inside)

trend factory Rottweil

Neckartal 68, 78628 Rottweil

This former coal-fired power station is one of the most impressive industrial buildings of the turn of the last century and is fascinating due to its dimensions and stately facade. The industrial facility steeped with modernity, stands out for its artistic and prestigious elements - a well-known dramatic arc between morbid charm and modern design elements. Radiant ceiling profiles provide cosy radiant heat.

Arbonia References: Woodworking factory, Rottweil (Outside)
Arbonia References: Woodworking factory, Rottweil (Inside)

Woodworking factory, Rottweil

Neckartal 159, 78628 Rottweil

The woodworking factory in Rottweil has been working since 1988 on the conservation of historial buildings. Their scope of work includes the restoration and preservation of wooden facilities. They specialise in the repair and improvement of 17th century windows in terms of energy conservation, as well as that of modern windows and new builds. Radiant ceiling profiles are used in their training rooms.