Arbonia Zubehör: Thermostatkopf für Röhrenradiatoren

Accessories range Fixings, electrical solutions and much more.

Our new accessory components are perfectly matched to the product and its functions and complement the use of Arbonia products. Our accessories range includes, among others, fixings for radiators, electrical solutions through to accessories for radiators or thermostats. Further product-specific accessories can be found in the corresponding documents.

Fixing technology acc. to VDI 6036 Highest requirements met.

High loading capacity, optimum stability and maximum safety & security.

The fixing technology of our radiators is constructed using our expert knowledge based on decades of experience. All in accordance with the VDI 6036 guideline by the Association of German Engineers. This ensures for our customers not only a perfect unity of radiator, fixing and materials, but also greater legal protection. VDI 6036 supports you in dimensioning and selecting the suitable fixing of radiators in accordance with the stipulations of the Product Safety Law and our fixings all comply with this law. Right to the point.

Arbonia Zubehör: Wandkonsole für Röhrenradiatoren
Arbonia Accessories: Floor Mounting for Column Radiators

The VDI 6036 is the first directive on minimum requirements for the fixing of the radiator:

wall and floor fixings are available for:

  • Column radiators and Sano radiators
  • Creatherm
  • Arbotherm
  • Heating panels
  • Convectors
  • Decotherm Plus
  • Decostar Plus


Fixing accessories Spoilt for choice at Arbonia.

Arbonia Accessories: Quick Mounting Bracket Short
Quick mounting bracket short
Arbonia Accessories: Quick Mounting Bracket Long
Quick mounting bracket long
Arbonia Accessories: Quick Mounting Bracket Two-Part
Quick mounting bracket 2 parts
Arbonia Accessories: Wall Bracket with Holder
Wall bracket with holder
Arbonia Accessories: Clamping Bracket (fixed)
Clamping bracket fix
Arbonia Accessories: Clamping Bracket (variable)
Clamping bracket variable
Arbonia Accessories: Wall Bracket Short
Wall bracket short
Arbonia Accessories: Wall Bracket Short (variable)
Wall bracket short variable
Arbonia Accessories: Built-into-Wall Bracket
Built-into-wall bracket
Arbonia Accessories: Wall Bracket Decotherm Plus
Wall bracket Decotherm Plus
Arbonia Accessories: Clamp Holder
Clamp holder

Electrical solutions Convincingly sleek and functional.

The new electrical solutions offer comfortable heat at any time for a large range of radiators from the Arbonia product range which need no connection to the central heating network.

Available in different  designs - with or without remote control - they cover all possible areas of application. The only precondition for commissioning is a 230V mains connection. Built-in frost and drying-out protection functions ensure maximum safety. Very easy handling and a  sleek, discrete design round off the benefits of the new Arbonia electrical solutions. 

  • Additional electric operation - or all-electric operation
  • with or without remote control
  • Standard or comfort controls
Arbonia Elektrolösungen Milieu

Models The Arbonia comfort range.

Arbonia Accessories: Electric Solution - Wired Solution WKS

WFS wireless solution

Standard version

With this variant, simple setting of the room temperature or towel heating function is possible. Includes a 60-minute booster (full capacity). The wireless solution is available in white and titanium. Intelligent controls guarantee energy-saving comfortable heating.


Arbonia Elektrolösungen Funklösung WRX

WRX wireless solution

Comfort version

This version allows for day-specific room temperature control for both heating and cooling, as well as a day-specific towel heating function, which is independent of the room temperature. Available in white, black and white/black.

Arbonia Accessories: Electric Solution - Cable Solution WKS

Cable solution WKS

This unobtrusive under-plaster solution enables simple setting of the room temperature or towel heating function. Includes a 60-minute booster (full capacity). The cable solution is available in white and titanium.

Arbonia Accessories: Electric Solution - Flange Solution FKS

FKS flange solution

This variant is mounted directly on the radiator and can be installed either on the right or left. A 60-minute booster is also integrated here. The flange solution is available in white and is protected against splash.